Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Letter to the Other Woman ---Part 3

Dear Other Woman(I use this lightly),

Well who knew we would ever see one another in the same place.  I have to wonder why a woman would find a man or a piece of man so attractive if he exhibits no signs of being a provider and protector of his own children.  This is your idea of a "stepfather" for your kids.  It seems to me based on your current situation and number of kids you keep looking in the wrong places.   Why would this piece of a man be allowed in my children's lives?  maybe that's just me being logical.   You flaunt this piece of a man around your kids as if he's the prize in the Cracker Jack box, really?   I'm embarrassed to know my children share his DNA.   To go as far as introducing this piece of a man as a new "son in law" is a joke considering this piece of a man is not even divorced.   I guess for you this is a minor technicality considering you were sending pictures of your genitalia on his cell phone while he and I were living under the same roof! 

You apparently don't understand how marriage or the divorce process works.  How would you?  For mature married individuals who plan on staying married, they typically do not entertain needy individuals like yourself.  Why? you may ask, well it's pretty simple a good provider of his family works hard to preserve what he has built and seeks to remain a powerful force for his family.  You probably will never understand this because you are in a relationship with someone who initiated your relationship based on lies and deceit.  There is no long term future in your messiness.   By all means, you can get married,  however the divorce must be final as we do not live in Utah or Nevada where polygamy is still practiced.   For those like myself on the edge of my seat waiting for the ink to be dry and the judge to finalize my divorce decree it is really not that simple.   In our wonderful state when you elect to buy "marital property" with someone you must first sell the marital property before a divorce is granted.  Option 2 is one party may buy the other party out to relinquish the other of any ownership or debt associated with the marital property.  I seriously doubt the other party can afford to buy me out.  When you want to interject what you believe is holding up the divorce, have your facts straight.   However you're only as knowledgeable as the information you receive and you're being fed lie after lie.  I'm sitting on the sidelines laughing at the foolishness and hoping one day real soon I will get my divorce decree in the mail.  In the meantime, I really hope you are thoroughly enjoying my SLOPPY SECONDS!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Letter to the Other Woman -- Part 2

Dear Other Woman,

I'm back again with some choice words.  Writing is good for the soul! so don't judge me.   It has been one year since leaving my soon to be(not soon enough) ex spouse.   I wish I could report the soon to be(not soon enough) ex has greatly matured and is more focused on being a good parent.  NOT!

First and foremost thank you for taking this idiot off my hands.  It is amazing how you were so quick to go up into my foreclosed house with my name on it; that I shared with my soon to be ex(not soon enough) and wallow in the same bed on the same mattress and box spring that I shared with my soon to be ex(not soon enough).  I just wonder what was your motivation, did you need to see how I was living that badly? did you think you were moving in?  did you think he was able to move you in?  NOT!  Oh, and the ultimate is one of my friends spotting you in the supermarket( where I use to shop) as you pranced around shopping (coffee cup in hand) with the idiot; like you owned the place.  You'll need all of that prancing when you're in the same shoes that won't fit.   

For all the manipulation he used to encourage you to take the 45 mile drive to the foreclosed house with my name on it, I hope you got everything you were wishing for and more. The way I see it only a real B&*%$ would enter into another woman's home under these circumstances.   You already crossed the line on so many levels, but this right here is a real example of just how classless you are as a woman!  Do you think in the words of Charlie Sheen, you're WINNING?  What did you gain, a reality check on what you will never have at my expense.  I can only imagine the lies he's telling you because I have been there done that.  I don't understand what is so exciting about a foreclosed house that is owned by the bank and a few steps away from going up for sheriff's sale.    When you put the key in the lock of your house put your feet up because I revel in knowing that you are stuck with my SLOPPY SECONDS!   I love the fact I can methodically find Mr. Right! for me and it definitely will not be someone else's husband. 


Friday, April 22, 2011

When Dealing with a Liar!

It baffles me that when individuals get themselves into situations, why is it never their responsibility?  In order to make my divorce final, I had to petition the court to have the jointly titled house listed.  The first court date ended with having a judge granting 90 days to the other party to have me removed from the mortgage.  When the 90 days were up I was granted authority to list the house however the party was given another 15 days to attempt with removing me from the mortgage after showing up more than an hour late.  Why oh why, do people play with the justice system?

The other party was obviously directed to file an extension and was given a new court date.  In the interest of my original order, I appeared in court AGAIN!  This time it was apparent the judge was a little irritated with the other party as they were having selective memory on what the court granted earlier. 

After I took the stand to summarize the course of events over the last year, the other party attempted to represent himself.  I only ask why oh why!  When my attorney was asked what was left for the courts she asked that the other party be ordered to sign the agreement.

The other party was ordered by the judge to sign the agreement and he replied "No" so the judged ordered the other party again to sign the agreement and he replied "No".  The sheriff was summoned to take the party into custody at which time he decided to sign the agreement.

According to insignificant people, I was laughing in court which is a joke in itself.  For those who have appeared in front of a judge, a disruption in the courtroom is not allowed.  Therefore, it is interesting that all the cohorts are STUPID enough to believe I was allowed to be in hysterics in the courtroom.  What I do find interesting is the fact that people sit in court conversing while court is in session and it did nothing help their case.

I'm so glad that in light of the larger issues in this country right now people have the time and energy to entertain a pathetic, psychotic, dysfunctional and pathological liar!   If this individual's life was so happy why would you have the need to make up nonsense about me. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thank You to my Soon to be Ex

This is my formal thank you letter to my soon to be ex!  I thought about this one day because it is senseless to waste time and energy missing someone who was never the one for you.   The past year has been an absolute roller coaster with  numerous court dates for child support and the civil case for the marital property

I find it interesting when people suggest you consider reconciliation without knowing the details of your relationship.   Also what defines a relationship in one home is definitely not the same in another home.   I say to emphasize reconciliation is not for everyone.  Personally, I believe that two people are better apart than together especially when children are involved.  A psychologist told me studies show it is better to raise children separately than in a home that is filled with tension.  Wow, can I high five her today. 

Although I have a few choice words for my soon to be ex (and the other woman) and his relationship with the other woman I will resort to say it here too and in person if the need arises(ha-ha).

First and foremost I want to thank you for being the most disrespectful male I have ever known in my life.   I really want to thank you for calling me b#$&*es in court(real classy!).  You have really shown how classless you are and the level of maturity you obviously lack.   Oh, the icing on the cake is when you compared me and the your jump off(left me thinking for real).  Despite all the business that needs to be handled- you went there!  This was by far your finest hour!  For a man to disrespect the woman he married and mother of his children in such a vile way truly shows your caliber.  Although you think your life is grand just think that your actions not only undo your selfish life but undo what existed as a family.  However, everyone has a different concept of family.   I especially want to thank all of your co-signers who sit by and cheer you on and applaud your actions.  When you are in a crunch(such as now) I hope they are standing by with their checkbooks open because that is what friends are for, right? 

The most exciting part of you being a soon be ex really means this is who you will be and should be.  You were never meant to be there for the long term.  It feels great to wake each day with the possibility of meeting someone who respects and loves me they way I deserve.   This is enough to never want to look back on dysfunction.  I also love the fact that I can instill in my daughter what the real love of a MAN feels like! 

Again, thank you for being a deceitful, despicable and disrespectful individual because my eyes are wide open to finding the Right One! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It is unbelievable that a DIVORCE is held up based on someone else's IGNORANCE! 


Women are Bold Today

To you women who are luxuriating in another woman's house --- good luck with that.  When two people purchase a house(namely a husband and wife), keep in mind the other party(the wife) is free to enter the house at any time.    While you are being fed lies: watch your back as well as the next time the door opens because it may be the soon to be ex-wife walking in!  Also taking your kids into another woman's house is not a good look!  You are just DUMB! 

This is really grown folks business, I really don't think you can afford to play in the BIG LEAGUES! 



When a judge signs an order at what point does a person take it serious?  The amount of time and legal fees spent due to someone's ignorance is mind boggling!  A judge gives you 90 days and then 10 days of relief which you use like it's a joke.  Now more time and energy for a contempt order, dam when does it stop!